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Make any recipe taste better and better for you

Check out our recipes below and find some foodie inspiration. Have an awesome recipe with VitaFiber®? Send it our way to be featured.

Tasty and packed with protein!
Satisfy your carrot cake craving with this healthy breakfast bar version!
Delicious, nutritious, and healthy!
Vegan, keto, and gluten-free easy recipe!
A decadent snack packed with protein and fiber!
If you're a big fan of oats then this recipe is for you!  It's vegan, gluten-free and the texture is chef's kiss. 

The classic PB cereal bars made healthy with added fibre goodness.

A low-sugar chai latte recipe that is delicious, simple, and super cozy!
Forget the dairy and fall in love with this vegan coffee lovers dream!
Power-up! These are the perfect snack for the morning or evening.
Keep cozy with this delicious hot chocolate, made extra fancy with the addition of mouth-watering peanut butter salted caramel sauce!
This super easy, minimal mess (and effort!) stove-top recipe comes together in minutes, requires no candy thermometer, and is not only vegan-friendly, it is also low-sugar and high in plant protein!


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