1lb Chicken Tenders 1” Squares

2 Red Bell Peppers

2 Cups Sugar Snap Peas

2 Tbsp Sesame Oil, Divided

¼ Cup Liquid Aminos

2 Tbsp VitaFiber

1 Tbsp Rice Vinegar

1 Tsp Minced Garlic

2 Tsp Sesame Seasoning, Divided


Place bell peppers and snow peas aside

Marinate chicken with remaining ingredients in a Ziplock bag for at least 4 hours in the fridge

Drain then place chicken on baking sheet and cook for 8 mins, set oven at 425

While chicken cooks cut your bell peppers to match the size of the snow peas, marinate with remaining oil and seasoning

Add veggies to the chicken baking sheet and cook both for 10 mins